Hi all!

Hope you had the chance to listen to our latest episode, “Trust my Body.” Such a fun study about trust and body dysmorphic disorder. I actually tried to use the info from the trust study on my friends and family — I recently got a scent diffuser and it came with scents including lavender, peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus. Not sure if it was my imagination, but during parties at my house, people seem to be amiable and conversational when I have lavender or eucalyptus diffusing versus talkative and excitable when I have peppermint and tea tree diffusing. Get a chance to try it and let us know if it works!!

It might help with a job interview, a date, or asking for a loan…so get a lavender scented perfume/cologne. Psychology is so fun how it’s applicable in real life , right?? Get sassy and get psychooooo!



Episode 7 Trust My Body

Hello psychos! Today, Sharon and Liz cover trust and body issues. Did you know that scent can influence your trustworthiness? In this episode, Sharon teaches how to gain the trust of others by manipulating the kind of scent you use. Then, Liz digs into the topic of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a.k.a. BDD — a psychological disorder where people obsesses over minor imperfections of their body. Enjoy! (If you haven’t done so already, remember to subscribe and rate us on iTunes.)

Minisode 1: Battle of the Siblings—the Birth Order Effect

Happy Friday and welcome to Sassy Psychos! This week we have an awesome minisode for you guys. We always stress how nature and nurture both plays a part in who we are, but did you know our birth order takes a huge role in forming our personality and ambition? Tune in to learn how you may have been affected by your siblings or lack thereof. Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to Sassy Psychos on iTunes.