Episode 17 – Successes and Failures in Marriage

Want to know the census data on marriages? What are the divorce rates, differences between men and women, etc.? Want to enrich your relationship? Do you need therapy or does something simpler work just as well? Listen in to find out! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review — it helps!



Be in the Know

Hi guys!

This is Liz. If you’ve been tuning into our podcast, you know that I’m obsessed with my Flipboard digest and that I get a lot of my podcast inspiration from it. So, I want to start sharing some fun stories I find in the news that are psychology-related. Hope you guys find them as interesting as I do!

NFL Brains. Crazy how we’re putting people through such intense brain trauma under the name of sports and entertainment…

Feeling like you’re being watched all the time? You’re not alone.

Long read, but you’ll love it if you like superheroes and wonder woman.

Why beach is always a good idea

Study shows link between perfectionism and suicide