Episode 28 – Social media and helplessness

How does social media affect us emotionally, relationally, mentally? Does it make us happier or does it have a negative effect? Liz shares another twisted, crazy experiment that studied learned helplessness. How does it work? What can you do about it? Tune in and find out! Rate, review, and subscribe, people!!



Episode 27 – The will to live and anger

What characteristics and/or situations increase/decrease someone’s will to live? How do some mice swim for 60 hours while others only swim for a few hours and give up? Do you know someone who has anger issues? Are you that person? What makes anger worse? How do happy people get over their anger? Listen and learn! Don’t forget to review, rate, and subscribe!




Episode 26 – The language of music and sexual attraction

Are music and language related? How so? Does it help with learning? Do people think someone is sexually attracted to them even in a platonic setting? When do guys overestimate a woman’s sexual attraction to them? Why? Tune in to find out! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!



Episode 25 – The Name and Cocktail Party Effect

Does your name make a difference? Does your political identity affect naming your child? What’s the deal with being able to hear our name despite lots of other noise around us? Does having two ears make a huge difference rather than having one? Listen in to find out! Rate, review, subscribeeee!