Episode 40 – FINAL EPISODE. Robbers Cave Experiment & Operant Conditioning

We are sad to say goodbye. Liz and Sharon reached their goal of podcasting for a year. What happened when putting boys in a camp into groups? How does separating groups cause issues and why does this happen? How do you improve hostility between groups? Have you heard of operant conditioning? What is the difference between classical and operant conditioning? How can you apply this to your life? Listen and enjoy! We’ve enjoyed doing this podcast and hope you’ve enjoyed listening. We are still checking social media, feel free to leave us messages and feedback! Don’t forget to share.



Episode 39 – Sexual Preferences & The Monster Study

Do women’s mate preferences change over their ovulation cycle? What defines a low genetic quality male versus high quality? How do children and their brain development affect them in the long-term? How did a psychologist get away with experimenting on orphan children? Listen to learn! Remember, subscribe and share!




Episode 37 – Gift Giving & Talking About Yourself

As the holiday season approaches, are you giving and getting gifts? What is the impact? Do people appreciate requested gifts or surprise gifts more? Do you like talking about yourself? Do you do it too much or know someone who does? Do people repeat themselves or forget what you’ve told them? Listen, learn, and support! Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and follow our social media.