Episode 40 – FINAL EPISODE. Robbers Cave Experiment & Operant Conditioning

We are sad to say goodbye. Liz and Sharon reached their goal of podcasting for a year. What happened when putting boys in a camp into groups? How does separating groups cause issues and why does this happen? How do you improve hostility between groups? Have you heard of operant conditioning? What is the difference between classical and operant conditioning? How can you apply this to your life? Listen and enjoy! We’ve enjoyed doing this podcast and hope you’ve enjoyed listening. We are still checking social media, feel free to leave us messages and feedback! Don’t forget to share.



Episode 39 – Sexual Preferences & The Monster Study

Do women’s mate preferences change over their ovulation cycle? What defines a low genetic quality male versus high quality? How do children and their brain development affect them in the long-term? How did a psychologist get away with experimenting on orphan children? Listen to learn! Remember, subscribe and share!




Episode 37 – Gift Giving & Talking About Yourself

As the holiday season approaches, are you giving and getting gifts? What is the impact? Do people appreciate requested gifts or surprise gifts more? Do you like talking about yourself? Do you do it too much or know someone who does? Do people repeat themselves or forget what you’ve told them? Listen, learn, and support! Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and follow our social media.




Episode 34 – Tearooms and Power

What are tearooms? How does a public space offer more anonymity? How was homosexuality affecting people psychologically when same sex relationships were illegal? How does power affect your thinking? How is someone’s social interactions affected by power? Tune in to find out!! DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE, RATE, AND COMMENT!



Episode 33 – Pygmalion effect and Fundamental Attribution Error

Remember the pygmalion effect Liz talked about 9 episodes ago? Sharon re-covers the experiment in detail, like how does a teacher’s perception affect a student’s success? Do other peoples’ expectations of us ultimately affect us? What is the fundamental attribution error? Why would someone think you are pro-communism even when they know you were forced to write a paper on pro-communism? Do we often incorrectly judge people? Interesting topics, y’all! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!





Episode 32 – Hazing and Multitasking

How does hazing affect someone’s perception of people and the situation? Does it actually cause people to like something more? What are the effects of multitasking? Remember the Stroop test from the previous episode? What does that have to do with multitasking? Take a listen and find out! Remember to review, rate, and subscribe!





Episode 31 – False confessions and Gaming

Why do false confessions happen? Do interrogators have certain tactics to get the confession they want? What does sleep have to do with all of this? How about gaming? If you played a lot of games when you were younger, does it affect you in your adult life? What if your start playing games at an older age? Is gaming even productive and helpful? Tune in and find out! Make sure you rate, review, and subscribe!




Episode 30 – Stages of change and Stroop Effect

What are the stages of change? How can you change a certain behavior? Are you ready to change? What’s the stroop effect? Why is it so hard to do the stroop test? How does color affect our comprehension of words? Listen and find out! And you know the drill…rate, review, subscribe!





Episode 28 – Social media and helplessness

How does social media affect us emotionally, relationally, mentally? Does it make us happier or does it have a negative effect? Liz shares another twisted, crazy experiment that studied learned helplessness. How does it work? What can you do about it? Tune in and find out! Rate, review, and subscribe, people!!



Episode 27 – The will to live and anger

What characteristics and/or situations increase/decrease someone’s will to live? How do some mice swim for 60 hours while others only swim for a few hours and give up? Do you know someone who has anger issues? Are you that person? What makes anger worse? How do happy people get over their anger? Listen and learn! Don’t forget to review, rate, and subscribe!




Episode 26 – The language of music and sexual attraction

Are music and language related? How so? Does it help with learning? Do people think someone is sexually attracted to them even in a platonic setting? When do guys overestimate a woman’s sexual attraction to them? Why? Tune in to find out! Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!



Episode 25 – The Name and Cocktail Party Effect

Does your name make a difference? Does your political identity affect naming your child? What’s the deal with being able to hear our name despite lots of other noise around us? Does having two ears make a huge difference rather than having one? Listen in to find out! Rate, review, subscribeeee!





Episode 22 – Bipolar Disorder and Placebo Effect

Want to know about Bipolar Disorder? What’s the difference between Bipolar I and II? What are some symptoms of Bipolar Disorder? Can you spot someone who exhibits some of these symptoms? Heard of the placebo effect? But do you know how it affects you? Want to know how powerful your brain is in perceiving improvement without an actual cause? Tune in to find out! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review ūüôā





Minisode 2 : Environmental Influences on Intelligence

We have a minisode today! Sharon talks about the early experiences of babies and how it affects them for the rest of their lives … DUN DUN DUN. Want to know about how intelligence is developed? Want to make sure your baby or a baby you know becomes the smartest they can be? Tune in! Subscribe, rate, and review!





Episode 21 – Psychopathy and 5 love languages

Are there a lot of psychopaths out there? What are they like? What do they do? Are you one??? Ever hear of the five different love languages? We all express and perceive love differently, what language do you speak? Listen in and join us! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!




Episode 20 – Infidelity and Fighting

Are certain people at higher risk of being cheaters? Can you catch one before you marry him/her? Can you work with your spouse if they are at “risk”? Is fighting a good or bad thing for the relationship? When should you “choose your battles”? How do you approach your partner? Listen in and find out! Don’t forget to follow us on social media and review, rate, subscribe!





Weekly Roundup 8/6

Hi all,

We’re skipping our usual Sunday recording session because #life. But here are some cool posts I found around the web for you to nerd out this weekend. Enjoy!


It takes a criminal just seven seconds to select their next victim. Learn to avoid being an easy target.

Why the smartphone era is causing a mental health crisis in teens

People can–and should–build resilience in their middle age

Zero suicide–UK’s new initiative on lowering suicide rate among youth

In recent episode, we talked about Bipolar Disorder. Here’s what it’s like to live with Bipolar II Disorder.

Episode 17 – Successes and Failures in Marriage

Want to know the census data on marriages? What are the divorce rates, differences between men and women, etc.? Want to enrich your relationship? Do you need therapy or does something simpler work just as well? Listen in to find out! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review — it helps!



Episode 7 Trust My Body

Hello psychos! Today, Sharon and Liz cover¬†trust and body issues. Did you know that scent can influence your trustworthiness? In this episode, Sharon teaches how to gain the trust of others by manipulating the kind of scent¬†you use. Then, Liz digs into the topic of Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a.k.a. BDD — a psychological disorder where¬†people¬†obsesses over minor imperfections of their¬†body. Enjoy! (If you haven’t done so already, remember to subscribe and rate us on iTunes.)

Minisode 1: Battle of the Siblings‚ÄĒthe Birth Order Effect

Happy Friday and welcome to Sassy Psychos! This week we have an awesome minisode for you guys. We always stress how nature and nurture both plays a part in who we are, but did you know our¬†birth order takes¬†a huge role in forming our personality and ambition? Tune¬†in to learn how you may have been affected by your siblings or lack thereof. Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to Sassy Psychos¬†on iTunes.

Episode 6 Laws of Sexual Attraction Feat. Virgin Mary

There’s¬†a very special guest on this week’s episode of Sassy Psychos–one of Liz and Sharon’s¬†dearest friends Y, felicitously¬†nicknamed Virgin Mary. This episode is all about sex and sexuality.¬†You’ll hear about small tips and tricks to make yourself more (or less) attractive to others, and also learn¬†about¬†Alfred Kinsey, the father of Sexology.¬†Hope you enjoy this episode,¬†and don’t forget to subscribe!

Episode 5 Bridging Love

In this Valentine’s Day themed episode–recorded back in February–Sharon and Liz talk about LOVE.¬†If you wanna know why¬†you should take your first date to a shaky bridge, and how matchmaking your friends can make you happier, be sure to listen in. Also, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review our podcast on iTunes to get your weekly dosage of psychology!

Episode 4 Let’s talk s’more about twins!

On episode 4, Sharon and Liz diverge from their usual propensity to pick dark, depressing topics. This week, it’s all about marshmallows and twins! Sharon examines how kids who can delay gratification by waiting to eat more marshmallows grow up to be successful, competent adults. Liz, inspired by the famous mix-up of identical twins in Colombia, dive deep into the emergence and significance of twin studies.

Episode 3 Oh Baby!

Hi everyone! In episode 3,¬†Sharon and Liz tackle¬†a big topic: psychology of kids. It’s a common knowledge that who we are is largely determined by how we were raised. As Sharon and Liz chat about Ainsworth’s Attachment Theory¬†and Bandura’s Bobo Doll experiment, try to figure out what your attachment style is and why you should always be careful of how you speak in front of your kids. And of course, remember to subscribe for more weekly psych talk!


Episode 2 The Name Pavlov Rings a Bell…

In episode 2, Sharon and Liz discuss two classic¬†psych¬†experiments: Pavlov’s classical conditioning and Little Albert Experiment. I mean, can’t call¬†yourself a psych nerd before¬†talking about Pavlov’s dogs, right? Also, if you want to find out about what happened to poor¬†Little Albert after his¬†traumatic emotional conditioning experiment, be sure to tune in. Also, make sure you subscribe to get¬†new episodes every week!



Episode 1 Bystanders and Prisoners

Welcome to Sassy Psychos! In this inaugural episode, Sharon and Liz chat about the most notorious psychology studies of all time: the murder of Kitty Genovese and the Stanford prison experiment. Why do people ignore others in need, and how do you turn average Joes into abusive psychos? Tune in to learn more about some of the most disturbing sides of human mind. And be sure to subscribe to get your weekly dose of psychology!




Hey guys!!!

We’re so excited for the upcoming release of our trailer. We’ve been live streaming for the last month but we are happy to announce our podcast is under way so you can listen to us in the car, at work, when you’re bored at your family friend’s party, or when you’re constipated on the toilet! That way, you won’t have to use up all your data streaming our past broadcasts on Twitch when you don’t have WiFi nearby (true story).

We have a lot of social media outlets and wanted to take some time to explain the reasoning behind each:

This website is for our blogs on topics discussed and/or application to real life, special content, random musings, etc. Please visit the website occasionally to see what’s up and get access to exclusive content / possible merchandise (WHAT! We’ll see…).

Twitch¬†is for live streaming! Please join us, we typically live stream on Sundays. This is where we record for the podcast, interact with our viewers, and munch on some yummy snacks! We hang out during our break in the middle of our recording, where we answer questions, digress, and act a little LESS formal compared to when we’re recording and presenting our experiments. Watch us! It’ll be fun.

Twitter¬†is for being alerted and up to date when we’re actually going to live stream. We’re not always consistent on the time so follow our twitter account to get info on when we’ll be streaming. We’ll also do some shoutouts, so ask us if you’d like to get a tweet!

Facebook¬†is for relevant content. This is where we post after our live stream about the experiments we talked about. We’ll post videos, articles, pictures, and funny memes. This is where you can start a fun, interesting discussion and have others join in! You can also give us feedback and input on our livestream/podcast , we’ll do our best to make every episode more fun and engaging than the previous episode — we’re always looking to improve!

That’s it for now — hope you enjoy!