Episode 21 – Psychopathy and 5 love languages

Are there a lot of psychopaths out there? What are they like? What do they do? Are you one??? Ever hear of the five different love languages? We all express and perceive love differently, what language do you speak? Listen in and join us! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe!




Happy Sunday! Weekly Roundup 8/20

Hi hi! It’s that time of the week, when Sunday Blues slowly kicks in. Well, hopefully these fun reads will help you get over your weekend fatigue and get your prepped for tomorrow.

Speaking of Sunday Blues, you’re not the only one who feel it — and some people feel it for a whole month!

I was once obsessed with color-mixing videos on Instagram. Have you had a weird obsession with an oddly satisfying videos? Here’s why they’re so addicting.

Why putting that ūüôā in your work email could be detrimental to your career

Okay, save this link and bookmark it:¬†http://www.openculture.com/psychology_free_courses. These are places where you can find free online Psychology and Neuroscience courses. FREE 99, Y’ALL! Freaking amazing!

Few episodes ago, we talked about how exposing young children to various physical stimuli during early developmental period is crucial for their lifelong psychological health. Here’s another proof.

Fan of the Mafia game? Next time use these tips to catch who’s lying in your game.


Episode 6 Laws of Sexual Attraction Feat. Virgin Mary

There’s¬†a very special guest on this week’s episode of Sassy Psychos–one of Liz and Sharon’s¬†dearest friends Y, felicitously¬†nicknamed Virgin Mary. This episode is all about sex and sexuality.¬†You’ll hear about small tips and tricks to make yourself more (or less) attractive to others, and also learn¬†about¬†Alfred Kinsey, the father of Sexology.¬†Hope you enjoy this episode,¬†and don’t forget to subscribe!

Episode 5 Bridging Love

In this Valentine’s Day themed episode–recorded back in February–Sharon and Liz talk about LOVE.¬†If you wanna know why¬†you should take your first date to a shaky bridge, and how matchmaking your friends can make you happier, be sure to listen in. Also, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review our podcast on iTunes to get your weekly dosage of psychology!